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Quilt Projects

The Heritage Quilters of Huntsville, (HQH), is a group of individuals who enjoy using their sewing and quilting talents to give back to our community.  Over the past few years, we have donated well over 1000 quilts to local charities.  Our current list of approved charities include:

According to the first responders:  It is comforting, especially to someone who’s just experienced emotional, psychological, or physical hardship to receive a quilt and to know that someone cares about them.  In many cases, this act of kindness by the officer, is what is needed to begin building trust between the officer and the affected individual.  We have similar responses from other organizations.  Your donations provide a spark of hope, a little bit of warmth and a little bit of comfort to someone who is hurting and lets them know someone cares.


With your donations, many of the organizations receive additional funding through matching funds or are able to reallocate funds for other necessities.  Your donations are very important to these organizations and are greatly appreciated.


It is the mission of the Comfy Quilts Team to be a conduit of the guild’s generosity and channel those donations to local charities.  Each year the Comfy Quilt Team decides, (with HQH board guidance), how best to accomplish the team’s mission.  Looking back at contributions over the past few years, it was determined that making quilt kits available for check out has significantly increased our donations.  The quilt kits allow individuals to contribute whatever time, resources or talents they wish to provide.   You may donate a completed quilt or pillowcase, fabric for tops or backings, batting, a sewn top, quilt a donated top, or bind a quilted top.

CQ 202109 totals_edited.jpg

When you sign out a kit, you decide the elements of the kit you wish to complete.  We do our best to put together a kit from the donations we have available.  Feel free to substitute batting, backing, or binding fabric if you have something more appropriate.  But please remember to be respectful of previous contributors.  We do not all have the same talents or resources available to use. If for some reason you cannot work with the kit, please return it to Comfy Quilts for alterations and possible reassignment.

All contributions to the Comfy Quilt mission are valuable and greatly appreciated.  It is because of you, that we are able to provide a little bit of comfort to some of those in need in our local community.  If you wish to donate anonymously, you may leave your donation on the Comfy Quilt table and advise us of your wishes.   If you sign out a kit and do not want to be acknowledged, just write anonymous on the “Completed By” line of the kit ticket.


We look forward to your involvement in this heartfelt mission.  We pray that you receive as much joy from the giving as the recipient receives from the gift.  Thank you for giving of yourself to this worthwhile cause.

Some of the 2021-2022 Donations

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