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Quilt Your Fortune!

A mini-quilt challenge show

July 20, 2023 @ 6:30 PM 

1.    The entry size, a rectangle or a square only, may be anywhere from 18” by 18” to 36” by 36”.          The length or width should be neither longer than 36” nor shorter than 18”.

2.    You must use a fortune from a fortune cookie.

3.    The entry must be a quilt; three layers held together with stitching.

4.    Each entry may be made by one person only.

5.    No kits may be used.

6.    You MUST include your fortune with your registration form.  If you register online, you must          upload a clear photo of your fortune to the website. (Instructions for registering online and          uploading fortune photos will be available on the website:

7.    Please keep your entry a SECRET!

8.    Put a label on the back, but cover your name with tape or fabric.  No obvious means of                  identification should be on the front, of course.

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